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Rachel Kelly's reviews for Medarse In Siroe with Reisoper

"Mezzo Rachel Kelly, as Medarse in both presence and voice, is a beautiful androgynous image, and knows how to impress ('Fra l'orror della tempesta') and how to move the audience ('Tu decidi del mio fato') with a slender and concentrated but warm voice."
Alba Klassiek NL, February 2018

“For the role of Siroe’s brother Medarse, they engaged the Irish mezzo-soprano Rachel Kelly. She sang the beautiful lines of her role with a full, smooth tone”
Opera Magazine NL, January 2018

“Siroe’s brother Medarse was performed by Rachel Kelly, who has a mature, beautifully polished mezzo. Brilliantly sung.”
Opera Gazet, January 2018

"The young star soprano Rachel Kelly as the conniving brother Medarse"
De Volkskrant, January 2018

Photo by Nienke Elenbaas

Photo by Nienke Elenbaas